News: International Yoga Day at NIT Trichy

In commemoration of the International Yoga Day, The NSS and The Student Council organised a Yoga programme from the 14th to 20th of June.

This programme was conducted by the Gnanodhaya Yoga and Natural Health Research Foundation in Tiruchirappalli. The initiative saw enthusiastic participation from students, faculty, staff and children alike.

Demonstrations of asanas and the benefits of each asana on specific parts of the body, presentations on healthy living and effective meditation and breathing techniques. On each of the 7 days of the programme, a different aspect of Yoga was focused on, making the program multidimensional and holistic.

The programme was conducted under the guidance of Yogacharya Prof. K. VK. Shivaswamy, who said that the alacrity of the organizers had convinced him to come to NIT Trichy. He reiterated that Yoga calms the mind, keeps the body healthy and rejuvenates the spirit. His message to the youth was simple; Yoga would positively influence them and consequently, would favourably impact the growth and productivity of the country. The participants were pleased with the enthusiasm shown by the instructors and suggested that such classes be held on a regular basis. The idea of making Yoga accessible as an extracurricular course was also put forth.

To extend these efforts beyond just the International Yoga Day, an action plan was chalked out, delineating the objectives for the upcoming calendar year. It included initiatives like regular Yoga classes, Yoga orientation for first years, seminars in collaboration with eminent Yoga/Medical institutes, a series of lectures by Yoga experts and even a Yoga competition.

Action plan for the International Yoga Day Celebration-2017

Date/Period Event
1, May 2017 to 5, May 2017


8, May 2017 to 12, May 2017

Summer vacation special Yoga camp by Akshaya Yoga Academy, Trichy for the children of faculty and staff (organised by the ladies club)
14 June 2017 to 21, June 2017 International Yoga Day Celebration
June 2017 onwards up to May 2018 Regular Yoga classes- weekly 3 days for NITT students in batch I (morning) and for staff in batch II (evening)

Monday, Wednesday and Friday. NCC and NSS students would be involved in the organisation of these classes.

August 2017 10 days of yoga practice for the First year BTech students during the Orientation Programme.
2017-18 Organisation of regular seminars(4) in collaboration with eminent Yoga/Medical institutes to disseminate and exchange experiences with eminent Yogis, Yoga therapists,researchers, scientists as well as yoga aspirants.
2017-18 Organising a bi-monthly expert lecture series on every odd month. Eminent experts from Yoga & Allied sciences as well as AYUSH/ Allopathy experts will be invited to deliver expert lectures in the Institute on a regular basis.
Feb 2018 Yoga Competition- Open to all yoga practitioners all over the country.
2017-18 NITT community radio will be utilised to broadcast Yoga activities at NITT to reach the common people. Yoga will also be taught in nearby schools by NCC and NSS students.

Ministry of AYUSH’s document on Common Yoga protocol:

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