First year creative writing contest: Second place entry

I wanted to check out the insides of the clock tower. When I walked out, I was in a different year. Though I didn’t know which year I had been transported to, the smell of highly advanced technology in every nook and cranny,  made me realize that I had travelled several years ahead of 2017. Engulfed by the science and technology all around I walked on ahead, bewildered.  People all around were either getting in to some kind of round shaped saucer, which I later on figured out was the common mode of transport, which disappeared in the blink of an eye and I am sure would have dropped them off at their respective destinations within a couple of seconds or were appearing all of a sudden. Screens appeared at the click of a finger of passers-by which had voice recognition features and also communicated to the user. The roads and surrounding areas were spick and span, a sight that was totally new to my eyes. Eager to see more, I scrambled on to a nearby restaurant. The scene which met my eyes left me mesmerized. Robots were serving the customers and looking to their needs. Not only that, they had even been adorned with the role of chefs. As I stepped out and looked at the city which had been familiar to me a few seconds ago or rather I should say a few years ago, the realization dawned on me that I had to get back to the place where I belong. I looked all around but couldn’t find the clock tower which had transported me to that era.

“Where was that clock tower?” I thought aloud to myself.

I was stunned to hear a robotic voice behind me asking me to either describe the clock tower or give its address. It took me a while to realize that the buildings in that era had hearing ability and could give directions to those who needed it. I guess in that highly digitized era, where people were too busy to even look at one another, buildings had been burdened with the responsibility of guiding lost travelers. With great amusement, I described the clock tower, took directions from the building and found my way back to the tower. With a heavy and reluctant heart I entered the tower, half hoping that the way back wouldn’t be found. However, I felt a magnetic pull towards one of the doors and as I entered it, I was suddenly engulfed in darkness.

“Wake up!! Its already 6:30. You will miss the bus again, ” these familiar words met my ears as strong sturdy hands shook me by my shoulders. As I rubbed my eyes and opened them, the scene of everyday familiarity met my eyes and I smiled congratulating myself on having survived another scientific adventure.


-Swetha Kumar

First year, Production engineering

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