The Tale of Nathan Bedford

The world no longer made any sense to Nathan. He was born into the wrong generation and nobody seemed to understand him. The works of Josef Mengele were his only solace. Problems like poverty, world hunger, shortage of cake, terrorism and the many common to one’s teenage angst kept him sleepless. He often pondered on Homer’s famous quote “Open your eyes and you’ll see that the answer was right before you”. Yet people chose to be blind to all that was happening.

Born a white kid in the state of Mississippi, his father was a member of the state police. Though his relationship with his dad was slightly distant, he had immense respect for the work he did. His mother who had now taken up drinking box wine and sharing feeds articles full-time, used to be a part of the hippie culture during the Vietnam war. His parents fell in love at a protest march when his mom handed over a can of Pepsi to his dad.

Both his parents were heavily involved with their careers and spent very little time with him. His pleas of attention and proper nutrition were countered by his mum saying, “Think of all the starving kids in Africa. You are an ungrateful child just like them. All the likes I give them and yet do I get anything in return? I still haven’t heard from the Nigerian prince as well. Thus, no soup for you either!” She didn’t mean most of it, for if it hadn’t been for cotton-picking Joe, she’d been rich a long time ago and she was pretty upset about it. Also, being a cop didn’t pay enough and his dad had to pick up multiple full time jobs to support the family. Civil forfeiture for instance. And the lengths he had to go to get a few days of paid leave!

A tough childhood often leads the best of them astray. In his case, Nathan resorted to the use of memes. It started with a couple of hours every day and then his situation gradually worsened. He was hooked onto them and even experimented with the wholesome ones. When the internet was down, the withdrawal symptoms were severe and he claimed that they were the sole reason he was still alive.

There has been a meme epidemic throughout the US of A and world, something everybody is helpless against and the ISP cartel is capitalizing on. What worsens the situation is that a lot of people, world over have been using memes to cope with mental disorders, being the only affordable treatment available under Trumpcare and in most third world countries. It’s been a serious issue as they are also known to be the leading cause of cancer, after the more common cause, the abnormal growth of cells.

These lives are nothing but mortal chains that bind us to misery; afflictions with a hint of saccharin.

And I think that’s exactly how he felt. Maybe he did…

Not wanting to stick to the bullied white guy’s ostentatious stereotype, he decided to leave it to the anti-vaxxer parents. Instead he set out to do something more in accordance with the values upheld by his nation’s founding fathers. He set out to topple a regime.

Just kidding. He put himself through college and grew up to be a nice person, perfectly happy with his life.

– Sarath Reddy


About the author:

I am quite disconnected with reality and I write about stuff that I haven’t lived.
All that’s left is a verified twitter account for me to become the next big thing.



"I write, re-write, delay and despair. All my articles have no pattern to them apart from being me acting on my impulses. If you have any feedback, I will be more than glad to hear it. I regret nothing. Deus Vult."

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