Mango Unchained

A dazzling smattering of red, yellow and green

Some people call it the queen

Molding itself into an oval form

It woos young brigades all over the farm

With an enticing, tempting smile

Falling hook, line and sinker for her moves

The brigade makes her heart pound thud-thud

As they unleash their passionate love for the mango

As the sour ones devoured with salt and spice

Fragrant ripe ones saved and treasured to be shared

To leave telltale signs on the face and fabric

The rest of the bounty savoured for several months

Pickled, pureed and what not

An appetite whetter is what it is

Ohh tasty tasty mango dear,

You are a mouthful ripe or sour

My fervent desire of summer

Lighting up many a lair

With your golden interior

-Abhinav Ramachandran

Feeds NITT

The official college magazine and media house of NIT Trichy.

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