Deserted Dreams

A traveller was he, in the coldest desert

A heart, cold and deserted was all he had

Not much can be done

With all this, my son

Said the figure

As she quick disappeared.


Arrogance he oozed

And as he walked on further

She grew to become his muse

“Amusing”, was all she smirked and said

Flipping her hair,

She turned and walked away.


Water from the Oasis

And a lady’s rejection with no basis,

Were all that gave him company

In a place with no heaven, no bliss.


Little would his highness care

When his camel so thirsty, it fell

Oh, what could he do

When his camel was not all that fell.


He saw her everywhere

The urge to touch her led him nearer

The closer he got, the farther she went

Adamant was he that she would quench his every desire

So he walked and walked on what felt like fire.


Your name? he asks,

With kindness never before seen

Heavens roared as the camel snarked at such care

And as the desert saw rains for the first time

Mirage, she said, and slipped away.



-Nikita Sivakumar




The official media house of NIT Trichy.

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