In December, with promise

Every circular issued by my school would require the students to get the signature of parents as a mark of verification. With this pretext that elucidates the significance of a circular issued by my school, I’d like to ask something. How often does one come across a school issuing a circular to all the students, asking them to watch a movie?

It happened to me though, around this time 9 years ago, when I used to do my schooling at DPS Ahmedabad. My Social Science teacher, a martinet yet an interactive and knowledgeable woman, was having one of her interaction sessions on a topic that I am unable to recollect. At that point of time, a non-teaching staff member entered the classroom with a bunch of small rectangular slips (read circular), to be issued to the students. After distribution, we were all startled to see what it read. For, it asked the students to watch a movie. “A circular for that? Seriously? Man, how good is this movie?”, the guy sitting next to me exclaimed.

That movie was none other than Aamir Khan’s latest ‘Taare Zameen Par’ which we were asked to watch, and I thus quote the circular itself, “without fail”. Such was the intensity with which the movie promised to inspire and enlighten anyone who watched it. Compliantly, my father and I watched it four days later, and needless to say, it hit us hard and was explicable of the persuasion.

It was just the beginning of what would later become a series of Aamir Khan’s December blockbusters. While some kept us at the edge of our seats with eyes glued to the screen, the others warmed our hearts with a smile on our faces and tears in our eyes. They were all thorough entertainers nevertheless, be it Ghajini, 3 Idiots, Dhoom 3 or PK (apologies for including Dhoom 3, but hey it was a blockbuster). If 30th November is December enough, add Talaash to that list too.

Any Aamir Khan movie is bound to carry a lot of hype with it. But there’s a reason that the hype doesn’t end there. With history accounting for it, the hype for an Aamir Khan movie releasing in December is more than justified. And if all these weren’t enough, it’s an inspirational Aamir Khan movie releasing in December. Enough said. After doing movies that fought against narrow-minded parents and religious superstitions, he now does a movie that is about fighting itself.

The hype is real. Dangal, we are waiting.

–  Keshore Suryanarayanan


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