Round and round again

Soullessly focused on accumulating the most,
Thoughtlessly traveling from every pillar to post.
Unaware of the troubles the future may hold-
Caught counting his treasures- all the silver and gold.
Knotted in troubles yet trusting all’s controlled.

Wanting more to his name, he travels once more,
In circles he moves, new cities he explores.
Though he knows not of the purpose, he signs more leases to his name,
He knows not yet he’s soon to lose his own home and fame.
Out in his travels in each corner he’s known.
Unaware of the troubles he’s about to be thrown.
The community that once nurtured now forces him to live alone.

Misfortunes strike now, over and over
Over the luck and chances he still fights to stay in power.
Now crawling back to the town he once owned in glory,
Even now hoping he can give a spin to his story.
Youthful ambition once, his dreams now begin to turn blurry.

In the end he runs into the worst ways of them all,
Night spent in jail, his fortunes take a fall.

Around him his peers go on, on their way,

Giving no second thought to their friend who’s lost a day.
As they roll in their glee, he finally gets out,
Mind set on punishing every ‘friend’, every bloody lout.
Eclipsing their fortune, he must own every colour of the rainbow.

Out with all tricks, bankrupt his peers must go.
Finishing his foes of their every last dime and penny,

Making them beg and plead for a little of his money.
Of course, fate decides the end, and this wasn’t meant to be.
Not wanting to settle, he wanted each little town, all of the forty.
Out of nowhere he lost it all, an income tax demand,
Penniless and alone, he lost the hotels he once manned.
Outcast, he tried at writing his hand.
Little songs, stories and sad acrostic autobiography,
You see, I’m just stuck without money in a game of monopoly.

–  Swathi Chandrasekaran


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