From an e-mail to Feeds…

From an e-mail to Feeds…

Date: 5th November 2016.

Time: 0400 hrs.

Sent by:

Hello there. I’ve read in your magazine about the strange occurrences at our college of late, and I wanted to share my harrowing experience with you.

Here’s my story:

The weekend was upon us, and I had decided to stay back in college, spurning my relatives who had asked me to join them in Trichy. In retrospect, I should’ve taken them up on their offer, but I had already planned to laze about in my room, and to watch a TV series that had recently come out. My hostel was mostly deserted, and I was all alone in my room – my roommate had left two days ago. In fact, I was the only person in my entire wing.

My story starts at around 03:00 am, Saturday. I had just finished watching Westworld, and was about to doze off, after a successfully unproductive day. As I slowly began to fall asleep, I heard a faint knocking on my door.

You can imagine the situation: it was a cold, dark, night; I was in a completely deserted hostel wing, and someone had knocked on my door. My eyes were now wide open.

I got up, and unlatched the door.

There was no one outside.

I felt the wind blast into my face. Wincing, I turned back and went into my room.

Feeling chilly, I pulled on another t-shirt. I slowly got back into my bed, and was about to fall asleep, when I heard knocking, again.

This time, it was a loud rapping. I walked to the door again, a little apprehensive this time, keenly aware of the fact that no one else was there in my wing. I soundlessly unbolted the latch, and carefully opened the door.

Standing outside was my roommate.

A little dazed, I gave him a puzzled expression, since I wasn’t expecting him back till Monday morning. He walked in silently, and sat down on his bed. Before I could say anything, he put his face in his hands and started to quiver, as if he had a really bad cold.

“What’s wrong? And aren’t you supposed to come only on Monday?” I asked him.

It was then that I noticed something odd. As I went closer, I saw a cut in his arm, extending from his elbow to his wrist. It was a freshly made wound, and the gash was deep. Blood dripped from the wound onto his bed.

My eyes darted away reflexively, and followed the trail of blood that had started from the door and led up to his bed.

There was a pause before he looked up at me.

With his eyes full of terror, he said, “I saw it, bro. I saw it.”

Now, I was already uneasy about the situation, and this rattled me further. I walked up to him to try and comfort him, and to find out what was going on.

“Firstly, we need to get you to the hospital,” I said. Looking at the injury, I didn’t want to question him about what he’d seen yet. I handed him a towel to tie up the wound.

He nodded. His eyes were wide.

I took my phone, keys, and my wallet as we set out. After fumbling with the lock a bit, I locked the door. He was already many paces in front of me.

We walked in silence, me behind him, and he held his injured arm in his other hand, carefully tying it up with the towel I’d given him.

As we proceeded towards the hospital, I saw him take a detour, near Mega Mess 2. He turned right and started walking into the road.

The road next to Mega Mess 2 is a path leading out of the college; usually closed to students, and definitely does not lie in the route to the hospital. I was about to call out to him to turn back, when my phone rang.

I absently pressed ‘Answer call’, and put it in my ear.

“Hello?” I said.

At the other end of the line, I heard my roommate’s voice.

Hey. I think I left my keys in the room itself. Don’t lock it when I come back, OK?”

I frowned in confusion, as I turned right, towards the road to look at my roommate.

The road was empty as far as my eyes could see. I turned back again to check the other side, but that was deserted as well.

There was no roommate visible; absolutely no trace of him.

Yo! You awake?” my roommate’s voice rang in my ear.

I was speechless.

“W-Where are you?” I managed to stammer.

I’m at home only…

“I…you…you aren’t back yet?” I asked.

But I already knew the answer to that. I shut off my phone in confusion, as I tried to comprehend what had just happened. I slowly walked back to my room, almost certain that this was all a hallucination.

As I unlocked the door and switched on the lights, I saw it – a trail of blood on the floor, leading to my roommate’s bed.

And on that bed, lay a bloodstained towel…my towel.

I don’t understand what’s happened. Maybe it was something supernatural, or maybe I was indeed having vivid hallucinations, despite the physical evidence on hand.

I am now in one of the computer labs in Octagon, typing out this email, as well as hiding from whatever supernatural being that had invaded my room. I just hope it doesn’t come get me…

Disclaimer: Don’t believe fake articles. If someone tells you fake articles aren’t fake, don’t believe them either.

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