SPIELMAC, the sports fest organized by SOFTREC (Students of Tiruchirapalli Regional Engineering College) for the students of Master of Computer Applications department, took place from the 6th of October to the 15th of October.

SPIELMAC (Spirited people indulging enthusiastically longing for matches and catches) is a 10 day annual sports fest of Master of Computer Applications. It is conducted every year towards the beginning of October, following Festember. The fest encourages the active involvement of the first year batch of MCA students in sports activities to improve the intra departmental interaction between the students. The sports events hosted during this fest include cricket, football, volleyball, basketball, chess, carrom, athletics, slow cycling, throwball etc. Spielmac is incredibly motivated by the unerring participation of the students, and the fest also had been incredibly efficient in establishing good interpersonal communication amidst the participants, therefore proving to be more than just catches and matches for the participants.

Many MCA alumni were present during the program, which brought great interaction between the alumni and the present batches. The winners will be awarded at the Annual General Meeting, hosted by SOFTREC in April 2017.

– Yuvan

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