Awkwardly Abrupt Anecdotes

“Change cannot be given to you; you must bring forth the change needed,” were the wise words from the bus ticket collector.

The argument about whose fault it was boiled over, and the ones involved struck at each other, causing a ground-shaking clamor. No wonder they’re known as fault lines.

The race began with a head start given to the one in grey. Yet, the red one caught up and began to overtake, causing frustration.
Don’t you just hate it when the video buffers?

The programmer loved the modern while the author, the classic. For all the differences between them, both wrote scripts for a living.

Placed one on top of the other, each story of the tall structure was quite big. The author wasn’t exactly proud of the “Rejected” that was written on top.

Birth, death, horror, surprise, anxiety and pain – cries at a hospital can have myriad meanings.

– Srishyam Raghavan and Sriram Raghavan

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