Poem: Double negatives

Doubling a negation hasn’t never been done,

Ominous and threatening, wouldn’t never leave the meaning undone.

Under the words, it neither never adds class to a clause;

Beneath the bottom, nor not incite pleasure to a pause.

Lost it has- it’s never absent glory,

Ever twisting the tale, can’t never not complete the story.


Neither meets its never, as nor meets its not;

Ever never divulging to ones that know nothing about.

Granting passion in tone, never dismissing the disdain in voice;

Allowing time to rethink, never not hold to a choice.

Though it hasn’t never added confusion,

Impaling judgement, not never plaguing precision.

Vicious in its visions, hold the double negative with reverence;

Eluding doesn’t never aid, allude neither never nor not.


(From Archive: Feeds: Volume 04, Issue 01: August 2014)

– Swathi Chandrasekaran


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