FUQ: Why are some doors made of glass?

The Door is something that we all know of. Doors are something that we can see everywhere across the world – in buildings, in cars, even inside our minds. As we all know, the Door is a tool devised to better conditions of privacy, and allow us to shut the rest of the world out while we carry out our business, whatever it might be. Ahem.
So, having established that, I proceed to pose this question to you. Why did someone think it could be a good idea to make doors out of glass, i.e., see-through and breakable with one blow (well, if you’re Jason Statham, anyway)?

Historically, glass has always been considered as something precious. The secrets of the art of glass blowing were whispered on from generation to generation, and slowly travelled from one ancient civilisation to the next, until the whole world was whispering the secrets of glass blowing, as though it was still a secret. Back in the day, owning something made of glass was considered equivalent to owning a Porsche, probably.

Today, everything that glass represents is what every company hopes that people see them as – transparent, classy, and prosperous. It must now be obvious why we see so many commercial buildings practically papered with glass. Now, don’t try to convince me that you’re not imagining company executives with pearly whites holding up beautifully cut pieces of glass and grinning at you out of a poster. (Well, you are now. Gotcha! Hey, don’t roll your eyes at me, I was only trying to get you to laugh).

Ah, laughter. Isn’t it a beautiful thing? They don’t call it the best medicine for nothing. Studies have shown that people who laugh more are less likely to develop mental or physical illnesses. However, laughter is something that slowly leaves most of our lives as we grow older, and become more involved with our careers. We surround ourselves by things that up our stress level, and lose sight of things that make us smile.

Now, let’s all take a moment out to rediscover laughter. Let us shut our eyes and imagine something funny. Let us imagine an oblivious man walking smack into a sheet of glass in front of him and reeling in shock. If you had done as I so politely requested, I’m sure that I got a laugh out of you there, or at least a quick nasal exhale accompanied by a twitch of your facial muscles.

I’m sure that by now, most of you must have caught my drift. Long story short, maybe it isn’t about the cultural or historical representations of glass. Maybe, it’s just that a sheet of glass well cleaned is a beautiful set up for a moment, or several, of humour, to light up an otherwise drab and boring day. You have to admit, people walking into glass doors is hilarious.

Peace out.

– Kavya Bhavaraju

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