The mango tapestry

Oranges are my favourite. Just saying. Keep reading.

Most of us would agree that mangoes have been intricately painted in the fabric of our life. All my summers quintessentially boast of the kitchen with a fruit basket overflowing with the much devoured Alphonsos and Kesar mangoes. Riots always ensued at the dining table. Who would get the biggest mango? Ha! Who had managed to relish the sweetest fruit? And who had gotten the extra share? But I always, stood lost in this war. Mangoes, honestly, I  tried to like them, I really tried. However, they never seemed to give me the same joy and delight that oranges do. So, readers here is an article about how and why  to appreciate some things in life you can never but very much want to.


Truly, I love oranges but the mango mania was too tempting to resist. I wanted to explore and understand more of my choices. Thus, I decided to share my love and passion of oranges with the mangoes. Sadly, I didn’t enjoy eating them no matter how delicious the fruit seemed to be. It was the summer fruit of happiness, I could find a way to find my solace with it, right? Thus, I embraced my peculiar fondness for mangoes by weaving the Mango Tapestry.


My mango tapestry is very nice. It’s woven and close knitted with the finest thoughts and ideas. The colours I have used are plush, wonderful and lovely. The different hues of mango make this tapestry mangoficent. Every patch of this tapestry talks about a mango I’ve learnt to enjoy and appreciate. When you glide your fingers across the tapestry you’ll smile looking at those juicy and delicious yellow varieties and long for those pink and red cherry mangos. If you look up you’ll find the royal sweet purple mangoes hanging annoyingly out of reach and by its sides, the raw and sour mangoes which tickle your senses crazy. If you take a step back you’ll see the tapestry shimmer in a gorgeous golden light with touches of soothing blue and electrifying violet appearing when the different colours blend. A treat to the senses.


Sometimes, I can’t find the perfect cherry of mango to add to the tapestry.On such days I sit by the tapestry and eat oranges. Oranges, sigh. I look at this beautiful tapestry and wonder how I remain loyal yet dissatisfied with the oranges. After some time, I shrug off the feeling, telling myself to try intertwining the cherry with some golden threads. The effort to effort needs to be encouraged. Always.


Till my mind keeps thinking and the heart yearning,the tapestry will hang waiting for completion. Rather, I prefer it to remain incomplete; it will keep my thoughts anew and evolving. Of course, I have the option to quit and move on. However, when I stand before the tapestry and reflect on my thoughts, I realize my dissatisfaction creates more satisfaction. The mango tapestry holds proof of my faith and belief.


In my story,the mangoes were a diabolical want not. With time I’ve learnt to watch the Slice adverts with a detached attachment and rejoice the Minute Maid orange adverts. I can comfortably differentiate my undying love for oranges and interest in mangoes, in one breath.


One cannot often tread the road not taken. One cannot always face the music too well. One must, at one point or the other learn to tackle the bickering  voices in our heads.  When lost at the sea of million options, don’t cling on to the north. Look elsewhere and ask yourself not, “Can I do this?” but “How will I do this ? You may ask, why care so much? I’ll tell you this much-care for your thought, they matter.
All of us have a tapestry hanging. You just need to find the right yarn for it. So, what’s stopping you? Some sour grapes?

– Shruthi Srinivasan

Shruthi Srinivasan

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