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In this word game, each question gives one phrase and a set of operations.

  • Each operation has to be applied on a word (and only one word).
  • Each word can have a maximum of just one operation, after which they have to be anagrammed to get the right word.
  • There may be words that have no operations given, and have to be just anagrammed.

Example: PHRASE:

  • YEARS ON SAFE MODEA) Substitute with C
    B) Substitute with G
    C) Remove R
    D) Substitute with Y

Easy come, easy go

D: (YEARS-R)*  B: (ON-N+G)*   D: (SAFE-F+Y)*    A: (MODE-D+C)*

To get final answer, rearrange words obtained after applying the operations.



Simple ones: Final answer has words in the same order as given question.

  • Her tear aiding loner
  1. Add G
  2. Replace with T
  3. Replace with N
  4. Replace with V
  • At leash for askingA) Replace E
    B) Remove R
    C) Remove T
    D) Remove A

TV Shows:

Twist: Order of words in the given phrase has to be jumbled to get the answers.

  • Scrap for south
  1. Remove R
  2. Replace with E
  3. Replace with D
  • Treaties respond on
    A) Replace with F
    B) Remove D
    C) Replace with N
  • Open them at ocean
  1. Remove T
  2. Replace with I
  3. Remove A
  4. Replace with U

Lines from Poems:

Twist: One redundant (hence misleading!) operation given
Words not in the same order

  • Instance as seminar is lit
  1. Remove L
  2. Remove S
  3. Replace with T
  4. Replace with R
  5. Replace S
  • Venue will swap, sway site
    A) Replace with S
    B) Replace E
    C) Replace with A
    D) Replace Y
    E) Remove U

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The great Indian novel
A clash of kings

TV Shows:
House of cards
Person of interest
Once upon a time

Lines from poems:
It is an ancient mariner
Even this will pass away

– Swathi Chandrasekaran

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