Word Games – Mixed bag

Find the word whose root has been given.

  1. The word ______ derives from the name of Etienne de X, a French finance minister who, in 1759, was forced by France’s credit crisis during the Seven Years War to impose severe economic demands upon the French people, particularly the wealthy. Because of X’s austere economies, his name became eponymous with anything done or made cheaply and so with a type of outline portrait. Prior to the advent of photography, _____ profiles cut from black card were the cheapest way of a recording a person’s appearance.
    Fill in the blank.
  2. The term “X” was originally used on American television programBuffy the Vampire Slayer, According to author Kevin Durand (2009), “While Buffy confronts various forms of evil during each episode, each season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer had its own ‘X’ villain who dominates throughout the season. The power of the ‘X’ always threatens to end the world, but Buffy ultimately overcomes him or her in the season finale. The term was originally used in the episode “Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered“, in which Buffy Summers describes the newly soulless Angel as “the X thing in the dark”. The phrase may originate in various fairy tales (particularly “Three Little Pigs” and the related song) about the “X Wolf“. It has since been used to describe annual villains in other television series.
    What’s X?
  3. This word derives from old French word meaning ‘tail’. The precise reference to tail is uncertain: it may be to animal ‘turning tail’ in flight, or to the habit in animals of drawing the tail between hinder legs. A X is thus someone who turns his tail and runs. ID X.


(The phrases are clues for the answer)

  1. Stroller on go, Amasses nothing
  2. Nerd amid late TV
  3. Airman at ice cap
  4. Little men, large honour
  5. Primus Lune

Example: 7 D of the W : 7 days of the week

1. 7 W of the W
2. 20 O in a P
3. AB and the 40 T
4. 6 B in an O
5. 7 K in W

Find a smaller word in the given words that mean the same.
Example: pRecipitAtIoN (RAIN is the JOEY word for PRECIPITATION)

  1. Contaminate
  2. Granulate
  3. Calumnies
  4. Exhilaration
  5. Catacomb
  6. Asseverate

A word/ phrase that means both:
To start something          To stop something : To wind up

1) Attach                                  Cut away from
2) Small change                     Large change
3) Fasten                                  Collapse















1) Silhouette
2) Big bad
3) Coward


1) A rolling stone gathers no moss
2) David Letterman
3) Captain America
4) One ring to rule them all
5) Remus lupin


1) 7 wonders of the world
2) 20 ounces in a pound
3) Ali Baba and the 40 thieves
4) 6 balls in an over
5) 7 kingdoms in Westeros

Joey words:

1) Taint
2) Grate
3) Lies
4) Elation
5) Tomb
6) Aver

Auto antonyms

1) Clip
2) Quantum leap
3) Buckle
-Adityan Suresh


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