MITACS Diaries: Rounak Meyur

My summer research internship program at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) Canada was funded by MitacsGlobalink and MHRD, India. My project was on Control Optimization of Combined Heat and Power with Co-simulation and Intelligent Control Systems. The project was aimed at enhancing the performance of existing CHP technologies of CEM Engineering by optimizing the control strategy in view of thermal and electric load dynamic profiles and thereby reducing the overall lifetime cost of the technology used by the organization. This project gave me an eclectic exposure in terms of working with an organization like CEM Engineering as well as working in a lab with a group of people who specialize in the field of control engineering and optimization. I would suggest my juniors to apply for this internship, especially for those who want to pursue a career in research in the future. MitacsGlobalink also organized a series of workshops and industrial tours for the interns which add to the industrial experience. Webinars on managing project timelines and how to become a research graduate in Canada were equally helpful. In addition, I visited a lot of places during the weekends like the CN Tower in Toronto, Niagara Falls, Parliament Hill of Ottawa and many others which made my stay in Canada memorable.

Rounak Meyur



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