MITACS Diaries: Ramitha Sundar

I completed my junior year summer internship at the University of Calgary as part of the MITACS Globalink Program 2015. From 11th April to 5th August, every day afforded me opportunities to learn and grow. My professor at the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, provided all the support and resources I could ask for. Self-directed learning environments are ideal for me and I got to work on my project independently. As part of the program I got to attend events in many industries pioneering research in Alberta province. MITACS also offered a suite of online workshops and webinars on relevant topics as a four part lecture series. The biggest advantage of this program is networking, both on the academic front and personal front.

With students from India, China, Brazil, Mexico, Vietnam and friends from France, Iran and Canada, it truly was a cultural melting pot. We shared stories about our cities, cooked together and partied hard. The relaxed work hours allowed us to explore the beautiful scenic places around Calgary. From trips downtown, to hikes around Rockies, camps in jasper, canoeing and football in the evenings, we had time to do it all. I am thankful to be able to participate in a program so unique and enriching. I left Canada with a deep sense of accomplishment, and a bagful of fond memories.

Ramitha Sundar


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