Rebus Series 1

Theme: Back to ’90s

Remember those days when summer simply meant a nice evening of carefree enjoyment rather than these strenuous interns and projects?

1) Whether it was a game of I spy, ‘running and catching’, kings or putting teams for sports, this was always indispensable.

Rebus 2


2) Used commonly in narrow streets, much to the delight of batsmen. Perhaps most infamous thanks to a certain Chappell.

Rebus 1


3) All of us had two chances to be Jonty Rhodes..
Note – Engineering fundaes may be required for this one.

Rebus 3


4) While this yellow (could be dirty too) fellow was originally intended for another sport, us Indians love it best in our streets.

Rebus 4






  1. Sha Boo Three
  2. Under-arm bowling
  3. One pitch one hand
  4. Cosco Ball


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