Crossword Jan 2016


8A- Humans reportedly live in front of a plant part (6)
9A- Feeds? Sure! Turn around (8)
10A- Assembling next to SC for a board game (8)
11A- Monster concealed in flower (6)
12A- At sea, ranked ship in nighttime (8)
13A- Toiler, perhaps, might not do this (6)
14A- ...or going back to announce man's love (7)
17A- What you need to do to make Tesla steal? (7)
20A- Relaxed chartered accountants basically uplift criminal (6)
22A- Dental problem that all Simpson's characters have? (8)
25A- Back up silently, and intensify the exercise (4,2)
26A- Oh no! Crazy girl in island city (8)
27A- Good man Bub, and Ron, danced firm (8)
28A- Scary scream about colleague returning without a hand (6)

1D- Detached auditor to stand by arrangement endlessly (8)
2D- Setter goes back to pub with King, at the start (6)
3D- Delegate English sailor to the French (6)
4D- Powerful in the past, perhaps? (7)
5D- Stream essentially ambling about New York and it's suburb (8)
6D- Smashing wordplay at church and at home with girl (8)
7D- Comically merge around setter's government (6)
15D- Bah, Dubai! Terrible city (3,5)
16D- West Indian music oddly plays in companies (8)
18D- Worker to run away with an animal (8)
19D- Writing with husband on something of no value (7)
21D- A Delhi University student talks heartlessly with grown ups (6)
23D- European Union's letter to Church about a castrated man (6)
24D- Dance- game for a visitor (6)

8A- men before (~stay)
9A- (turrnsure)*
10A- SC + rabble
11A- orc + hid
12A- (ranked)* + ss
13A- (toiler)*
14A- (or) <-- + (~man's)
17A- (Tesla)* = steal
20A- CAs + u + al
22A- cryptic definition
25A- (up)<-- + sh + up
26A- (oh no)* + lulu
27A- St + (bub ron)*
28A- cr ( pee(-r) <--) y

1D- stac(-k) + ca + to
2D- (me) <-- + bar + k
3D- en + ab + le
4D- in + tense
5D- brook + l + (ny) <--
6D- pun + ch + in + g
7D- (merge)* around i
15D- (bah dubai)*
16D- (plays)* inside cos
18D- ant + elope
19D- not(h)ing
21D- a + du + l + ts
23D- eu + nu + ch
24D- ball + et

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