Feature: Soap opera or life

If you want to spend your life similar to a television drama series that never ends, then you are going to have some juicy stories hidden as well as learn a few convenient lessons. You do what you have to do as the untalented hand that writes the script for such stories cannot hide its inexperience. Our hodgepodge of emotions are much like those unexplained guests at the dinner table whom we finally kick out when they get too tiring.

The objective of this writing is not to re-iterate the volume of experiences that I have. I am also not trying to spin around a wise how-to piece for I am sure there is no how-to-love. I am merely hoping that by penning down my thoughts, I can understand how love is defined in a country that is knows for Modi and the Kajuraho paintings.

The worldly advice that everybody offers these days is to love a person who makes you happy but this assumption is based on our knowledge of happiness. A variable as ephemeral as happiness is different for different people. Were it to be the same monotonous constant then I’m pretty sure life would be bore us even before the next season of Game of Thrones arrived. Depending upon the situation, the social climate and our own emotions we’re either happy or sad. Our idea of happy and sad varies throughout a lifetime. Happiness is a dynamic variable that has multiple values for the numerous equations that comprise our life. Thus the idea that tying unbreakable bonds such as marriage or having a stable personal life is happiness, is absurd yet Bollywood constantly portrays happiness this way.

If any human being had even the faintest idea of what all this evanescent emotion was about, he’d single-handedly monopolize the entertainment industry. So the fact is that there is no definition but still some meaning, yet it is almost too futile to spend hours finding the meaning first and then defining it- such is its intangibility.

All that can be proposed as of this circumstance, is that one should simply love himself and hope to find someone who does the same. And when you do find somebody, just go for it because YOLO!

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