Creative space: No bullshit

Pencils sharpened, slate fully clean,
As I set about to write,

The creative spark can’t be seen
Inspiration nowhere in sight.

So many things to write about,
None of them strike me now
It has to be good, without a doubt,
I’m just not sure how

The orders were clear from the head,
The message was crisp and fine.
“get your ass out of bed,
Submit your work by 9”.

So I set about to do my task,
Searching for a good story.
This might be my chance to bask
In full literary glory.

So should I rant in one long breath,
About our failing education system?
But the idea has been done to death,
And too many problems to list’em

Frustrated engineer- What a template!
That’ll never go out of fashion!
Sad tale of an engineer’s fate,
Who can’t follow his passion
There are a million Facebook groups out there,
Telling the same old tale,
Of young men with greying hair,
A life, destined to fail.

Or a deep insightful post with complicated words,
About our lives becoming fast and busy,
But there are easier ways to get GRE nerds
To jump up and down in a tizzy

Or a post about why EDM sucks,
And rock music is so groovy.
Or whether it’s worth 120 bucks,
To go and watch a movie

Or the ills of social media, damn!
Stalking Kanye or his wife.
Stalking them on Instagram,
Hashtag #bae4lyf

Or a post about TV shows,
How Game of Thrones really rocks!
Or how a teacher’s hair never grows,
cos’ he’s the one who knocks

maybe a jargon filled verse would do,
on how to achieve eternal bliss.
I’ll use long words to fool you,
To sound smart and photosynthesis.

Maybe I’ll write some funny lines,
Jokes about Anushka and Kohli.
Jokes that are so poor and dark,
They were adopted by Angelina Jolie

So I’m writing about what I write about,
What a fine deception,
Making Nolan mama proud,
With this incredible word-ception.

Here’s where the last para will fit
Hope it’s posted with no hitches,
And that is how you spew bullshit,
Later, sons of guns!

 -Gautham Mahadevan



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